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The Overseas Lawyers Qualification Examination (OLQE) Preparatory Courses 2012

Applicants wishing to apply to sit or be exempt from sitting the Examination in 2012 must submit their applications by 29 June 2012.

Information Package for OLQE 2012
OLQE 2012 Information Package from The Law Society of Hong Kong is available now! DOWNLOAD NOW

Updates for OLQE 2012
The 2012 Information Package has been updated with the following major amendments:
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Proposed Amendments
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OLQE 2017 Head IHead IIHead IIIHead IVHead VILive Lecture
I sat five heads of the OLQE and, thanks to the excellent lecturers, responsive support staff, realistic mock exams and detailed course notes at Lex Omnibus, passed all my exams in one go. I was also working full time while studying. The notes, combined with the face-to-face lectures, were comprehensive enough that I relied entirely on the course notes and did not have to open one textbook on the OLQE reading list. I highly recommend Lex Omnibus!
, Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2017 Head IHead IIHead IIIHead IVHead VISelf-Study
It was a real challenge to juggle between work and study for all 5 papers for the OLQE 2017. With the help of Lex Omnibus and their well conducted online lectures and materials, I managed to pass all 5 of the required papers in one attempt. Special thanks to Professor Michael Wilkinson and Alfred who made the lectures entertaining and informative and further thanks to the well organised support team behind Lex Omnibus who were very efficient and well organised.
, - Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2017 Head IHead IIHead IIIHead IVHead VILive Lecture
LexOmnibus OLQE excellent teaching team was the main reason that I could pass all five Heads. Professor Wilkinson is the extremely knowledgeable professor on conveyancing who helped me immensely in preparing for the notoriously difficult OLQE Head I examination. I truly recommend LexOmnibus OLQE.
, Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2017 Head IHead IIHead IIIHead IVHead VISelf-Study
I highly recommend LexOmnibus. Due to my work schedule I could only attend online (through both the live and the recorded videos), yet the course materials are clear and comprehensive. I could pass all Heads within a limited timeframe through online attendance and studying those well designed course materials.
, Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2017 Head IHead VISelf-Study
I am so grateful for the dedication of the lecturers at LexOmnibus. Examination technique was one of the main focuses for passing the OLQE examination. Also LexOmnibus support team was friendly and helpful.
, Registered Foreign Lawyer

Examination Dates
Important Dates
  • Closing date for lodging application to sit the 2012 OLQE Examinations29 Jun 2012 (Fri)
  • Closing date for registration to sit the 2012 OLQE Examinations17 Aug 2012 (Fri)
  • Issue of candidate slips17-21 Sep 2012
  • Last date to advise of disability3 Oct 2012 (Wed)
  • Last day to withdraw from Examiantion to be eligible for part refund of registration fee19 Oct 2012 (Fri)
  • Provisional date for release of the results28 Feb 2013 (Thu)