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The Overseas Lawyers Qualification Examination (OLQE) Preparatory Courses 2009

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OLQE 2016 Head IHead VILive Lecture
I had been recommended the LexOmnibus course, and was not disappointed. The team is very responsive and friendly, and the course was helpfully designed with the exams in mind. The material (particularly Conveyancing) was thorough and the mock exams and feedback sessions were a good way to prepare for the exam. Would recommend it to others who are planning on sitting the OLQE.
, Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2016 Head IHead IIHead IIIHead IVHead VILive Lecture
Sitting five heads of the OLQE was quite a daunting task and the lecturers at LexOmnibus pulled no punches in letting us know that. If you're serious about passing the OLQEs, I can't recommend LexOmnibus enough. Many thanks also to the staff for keeping things organised and running smoothly!
, Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2016 Head IHead IIHead IIIHead IVHead VILive Lecture
I thank Lex Omnibus, and in particular, Michael Wilkinson, Davy Wu and Ian Lee, for helping me to pass all 5 heads. What I found particularly helpful about the Lex Omnibus courses were the revision classes spent doing past exam papers. Given the breadth of the exam syllabus it is impossible to study everything - this is why the lecturers' practical, exam-focused approach is very helpful. The mock exam system was also very good at encouraging us to do some early revision and to shock us into working harder for the real exams! I think Lex Omnibus' OLQE courses were very thoughtfully designed and I highly recommend them.
, Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2016 Head IHead IVLive Lecture
I was very happy with Lexomnibus' course organisation, materials and lecturers - thanks to all!
S. Ryan
OLQE 2016 Head IIHead IVSelf-Study
I couldn't have passed the OLQE so smoothly without taking your courses. I will definitely recommend them to others.
Mr. Usui, Foreigner Lawyer

Examination Dates
Important Dates
  • Closing date for lodging application to sit the 2009 OLQE Examinations10 Jul 2009 (Fri)
  • Closing date for registration to sit the 2009 OLQE Examinations21 Aug 2009 (Fri)
  • The Examination will test candidates on the relevant law up to31 Aug 2009 (Mon)
  • Issue of candidate slips14-18 Sep 2009
  • Last date to advise of disability29 Sep 2009 (Tue)
  • Last day to withdraw from Examiantion to be eligible for part refund of registration fee15 Oct 2009 (Thu)
  • Provisional date for release of the results1 Feb 2010 (Mon)