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The Overseas Lawyers Qualification Examination (OLQE) Preparatory Courses 2016

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OLQE 2015 Head IHead VILive Lecture
Professor Wilkinson is very familiar with the content and structure of the examination. You really should not miss the revision sessions and the mock examination. They helped me a lot in preparation for the exam.

I also want to thank Ellen and Kate for all the administration work. They are very responsive. Thanks to LexOmnibus!
, Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2015 Head IISelf-Study
Good to have Michael and Alfred as the lecturers of Civil Procedure to go through the past papers with us. I have benefited a lot from both of them.
, Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2015 Head IHead VILive Lecture
A big thank to Michael for helping me pass the exam. His notes are really helpful. It was enjoyable to attend his lectures.
, Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2015 Head IHead IIHead IIIHead IVHead VISelf-Study
It's really tough to sit all five heads of OLQE. Thanks to Lex Omnibus, I managed to pass the exams on the first attempt. The courses are well organized. Presenters are experienced and engaging, especially Professor Michael Wilkinson!
, Registered Foreign Lawyer
OLQE 2015 Head IHead VILive Lecture
Michael lived up to his entirely deserved reputation as the best lecturer there is for the OLQE conveyancing exam. He went above and beyond to ensure we all felt as prepared as possible for the exam, and managed to make the process as painless as possible too. I cannot imagine preparing for the exam without the benefit of his insight and support

The Lex Omnibus team behind the scenes were incredibly well organised and were always accessible and available throughout the course. They helped to ensure the whole process was as smooth as possible. I would highly recommend them
Helen Colquhoun, Registered Foreign Lawyer

Examination Dates
Important Dates
  • Closing date for lodging application to sit the 2016 OLQE Examinations13 May 2016 (Fri)
  • Closing date for registration to sit the 2016 OLQE Examinations12 Aug 2016 (Fri)
  • Issue of candidate slips9-15 Sep 2016
  • Last date to advise of disability30 Sep 2016 (Fri)
  • Last day to withdraw from Examiantion to be eligible for part refund of registration fee 18 Oct 2016 (Tue)
  • Provisional date for release of the results 24 Feb 2017 (Fri)